Our Case Studies

Client A: Funnelytics

Client URL: https://funnelytics.io/
Campaign Objective: Drive ads to a front-end funnel selling B2C software.
Campaign Responsibilities: Created high performing advertisements, ran and optimized PPC campaigns, designed and optimized front-end funnel, wrote follow-up email sequences.
Angle: I identified my target audience’s pain points: inconvenience when mapping out sales funnels. I also knew that lots of people map out their sales funnels/campaigns on a whiteboard, so hit them with the hook that they will no longer need a whiteboard. In the second ad, I know that people respond well to metaphors. So I hit them with the hook that our ads with give them clarity when designing their funnels. The glasses are the metaphorical representation of ‘clarity’.
Ad Spend: $280,000
Revenue Generated: $1.3 million
ROAS: 4.6x

Exhibit B

Client B: Chelsea Soccer School Hong Kong

Client URL: http://www.chelseafchk.com/zh/
Campaign Objective: Generate leads by running ads to opt-in funnel.
Campaign Responsibilities: Designed and built 2 page opt-in funnel. Ran ads to opt-in funnel.
Angle: Simple JDO (Jaw Dropping Offer): Free Trial! In our copy, we appealed to a parent’s desire to enroll their children in a sport that improves their health and fitness, social skills, and self-confidence. What good parent wouldn’t want that for their child?
Ad Spend: $1,000/month
Revenue Generated: Approximately $5,200/month in immediate sales. Not sure how much in recurring revenue.

ROAS: 5.2x

Client C: Bliss Business

Client URL: https://shop.blissbusiness.com/
Campaign Objective: Generate leads by running ads to webinar registration page.
Campaign Responsibilities: Designed and Optimized Ads for webinar.
Angle: Took advantage of the fact that it’s the new year, time of the year when people set new resolutions and goals. Capitalized on that sentiment. As for image, when it comes to photos, people respond well to normal looking photographs, so we requested a regular looking photo of Richard from the Bliss Business team. We tested different font colours but orange and turquoise seemed to have yielded the highest engagements, so we eliminated the other alternatives. Added a bright yellow call to action button for the contrast against the background.
Ad Spend: $3,154
Registrations: 1,714
Cost Per Registration: $1.84
Attendees: 658
Purchases: 97

Total Sales: $17,664.77

ROAS: 5.6x

Client D: Paul Brown Box Fit

Client URL: https://paulbrownboxfit.convertri.com/voucher-opt-in
Campaign Objective: Generate leads by running ads to landing page.
Campaign Responsibilities: Bring more members into the Gym to opt into their $75 for their 1st month Ad Campaign.
Ad Spend: $438.50
Registrations: 12
Cost Per Registration: $46.54
Converted into Members: 8
Full Monthly Membership Fee: $200
Average Membership Duration: 2 to 4 months
Long-Term Average Member Value: $200 – $600
Total Revenue from Trials: $600
Estimated Total Revenue from Full Membership Fees: $1600 – $4800
Estimated Total Revenue:
$2200 – $5200
ROAS: 5x – 11.8x

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